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The Corporation of the 

Township of Central Frontenac

PO. Box 89, 1084 Elizabeth St.

Sharbot Lake, ON  K0H 2P0

Tel: 613-279-2935    Fax: 613-279-2422

Community Hall Rental Agreement

Hourly rate up to 3 hours


Resident rate over 3 hours 

Any person paying taxes to the Township of Central Frontenac or living within the Township boundaries.

$45.00HST without use of kitchen appliances

$75.00HST with use of kitchen and/or bar

Non-resident rate over 3 hours

$85.00Hst without use of kitchen appliances

$100.00Hst with use of kitchen and/or bar

Compassionate rate                                   


$15.00HST per day

Service club rate 

$30.00HST per day

NOTE: If you are renting Olden Hall, you will be charged the above rate per floor.

If you are serving alcohol you must:

  • have additional insurance. You may purchase insurance through Central Frontenac for $108.00 + HST or you may arrange your own insurance and submit a copy of the coverage with your completed Hall Rental Agreement.
  • Submit a copy of you liquor licence
  • Submit copies of Smart Serve certification for those handling alcohol, and
  • Provide a $100.00 damage deposit in the form of cash or cheque, which will be returned to you upon inspection of the hall.

The Township of Central Frontenac retains the right to refuse or to cancel any rental agreement. If any user shows careless, deliberate or persistant deisregard for the regulations, a rental agreement may be cancelled without notice or an application denied.

I/We have read the rules and regulations attached to this form pertaing to theuse of Township Facilities. We agree to exercise the utmost care in the use of the premises and property and to make good any damage arising from our occupancy or use of any portion of the building or premises.

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